Barbara Noe Kennedy is a freelance travel journalist based in Washington, DC, who is always amazed at how little fellow Washingtonians know about the plethora of destinations that await nearby. From the lulling Chesapeake to the tree-shaded Shenandoah to the horse-crazy Piedmont and beyond, you have your pick of idyllic getaway. City or village? Mountain or plush green valley? River or lake or ocean? Colonial or contemporary? Biking, hiking, or shopping? You could plot a getaway for every weekend of the year and never run out of things to do.

Point being, given the amount of things to see and do, it’s tough to negotiate the best kind of weekend for you. That’s why we’ve organized each getaway around a destination hotel—whether it’s a cozy inn, historic boutique hotel, or must-stay B&B—and narrowed down the most interesting dining and activity options. That way, you can pinpoint the type of getaway that matches your mood. And be sure to check the blog for one-off ideas that you might use for a day trip, or to fashion your own DIY escape.

And what’s the cat got to do with it? We’re always sad to leave our cat behind when we need a little getaway ourselves, but we know how cats’ minds works … we wouldn’t be surprised if Emme, indeed, were scheming up the next getaway option, just to have the house to herself. I see the way she looks at me when I’m getting just a little bit too cozy on the couch. You could say she’s inspired all of these adventures, in her own little cat way.

Contact DC Getaways inspired by Emme the Cat at TKTKTKTKTKT.