Maryland is probably most famed for its Old-Bay-dusted crabs, harvested from the Chesapeake Bay. And there’s nothing better than diving into a table full of them alongside a placid green creek, at a crab shack somewhere along the bay’s frilly shoreline. That said, there’s so much more to this former colony, including Baltimore, a poster child for urban renaissance; Annapolis, the cutest capital in the land; tons of railroad history (just check out 19th-century the race between a horse wagon and steam train in Elliott City); covered bridges (ideal for an afternoon bike ride); mountains crisscrossed with winter ski trails; Civil War battlefields; even vineyards. Okay, I admit, Maryland doesn’t get its due that it probably deserves from we Virginians … but I’m learning. From the Eastern Shore to the Appalachian Mountains and everywhere in between, there are some true gems in the Old Line State (Old Line? What’s that?).