West Virginia

West Virginia gets such a bad rap. I know you know what I’m talking about. But if you dare venture forth, you’ll discover an amazing hidden gem. And a stunning one at that. Here you’ll find some of the country’s most thrilling hikes, as well as white-water rafting, biking, skiing, and kayaking. Nearly forgotten little towns have been revived, historic sights brushed off and open for business, country inns spruced up and rustic restaurants opened in centuries-old buildings. There are singular things here too, including the nation’s first spa, George Washington’s bathtub, and a wacky John Brown museum with waxed figures illustrating how the abolitionist helped ignite the Civil War. But above all, the scenery is jaw-dropping—wide open expanses with rolling hills etching the skyline; thick forests filled with wildlife; misty summits cloaked in boreal foliage; plunging waterfalls. Wild and wonderful, indeed.

West Virginia Getaways


Snowshoe Resort